Who we are


We are a premier dart and pool league operator from Ohio.

We provide fun, friendly, affordable and organized dart and pool leagues to Northern Ohio players.

We specialize in Tavern / Pub Vending Machines, Sweepstakes, World Class Pool & Dart Leagues.

Our organized leagues are sanctioned by Valley National 8-Ball Association, National Dart Association and The Ohio Coin Machine Association.

We operate our leagues using the best equipment available. Pool leagues enjoy the Valley Pool table line while the darters compete on the Galaxy II from Arachnid Inc.

Ohio Vending Machine was a dream of Roy E Fankhauser I, an accountant from Martinsville, West Virginia. In 1937, a German immigrant Roy Fankhauser settled in Northern Ohio and opened a tavern named Gartner’s Inn. From that tavern he began installing jukeboxes and bingo machines. He worked day and night building a vending route of jukeboxes and bingo machines which has evolved into the single largest vending company in Northern Ohio.

In 1987 Roy Fankhauser passed away after 50 years working day and night to supply a superior product by supplying superior service. Roy said, “All vending companies can get the same equipment, but superior service is the most important thing we have to offer, keep service number one and the rest will take care of itself.”

This is still true today. In 1987 Roy E. Fankhauser II took over the helm from his father and continues the legacy today. Service is still the cornerstone of Ohio Vending. The business has evolved into more technology driven machines but service is still the building block and always will be.